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Gas Direct Injection (GDI) Services

Combating the challenges with chemistry and technology, Next Level Automotive specializes in maintaining and repairing Gas Direct Injection (GDI) vehicles utilizing vehicle specific chemistry based services or more invasive walnut blasting for vehicles that have entered high mileage without ever being cleaned and the chemistry service was not successful.

GDI Service: Our GDI service has been shown to clear most carbon buildup in one to two services depending on the engine condition, for about a 1/3 of the cost of walnut blasting. BG Engine Performance Restoration (EPR): The chemistry in this product is meant to clean the crankcase (where the engine oil is) of carbon, and combustion by-products that accumulate on the piston rings, causing low engine compression (cylinder sealing), low power, poor fuel economy, and eventually, engine failure.


The Technology and the Conundrum


Newer engine technologies have been developed in the last 10 or so years to try and do the impossible. Give consumers more for their money while meeting the stricter Federal emissions, safety, and fuel economy standards. This generally translates to expectations for more horse power, more torque, better towing capability, more safety features for the occupants, etc. This creates an impossible task for manufacturers to do everything necessary without creating new service concerns. GDI was an attempt to do that. Engines with fuel injectors installed in the cylinder head instead of the intake manifold to allow computers to more tightly control the fuel delivery and burning process.


The Service Challenges


If your vehicle is 2005 and newer, especially if your vehicle is turbocharged, it is likely you have a GDI system. BMW, VW, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Kia are examples of manufacturers that have this technology. Because the fuel injectors are in the cylinder head and not the intake manifold, the valves are no longer getting cleaned by fuel. This leads to carbon build up, and eventually misfires, and engine failures. The other problem is low tension piston rings that are meant to reduce friction and improve fuel economy. They are prone to collecting carbon and lower tension means more likely to allow oil to pass by as rings become dirty. If left too long, this can damage the engine and require a rebuild or replacement.


Results you can expect


Depending on vehicle condition and driving habits, most buildup can be removed in one to two services. You should see restored power and fuel economy and have an engine that runs as smoother and quieter, almost like new. We also have a version of this service for non-GDI vehicles.