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Hybrid Battery Services

Hybrids are a wonderful way to get better fuel economy, but without proper maintenance, the battery technology in your vehicle can lose steam over time, usually leading to a full battery replacement. Not only is disposal of these batteries damaging to the environment, it is also damaging to the pocket book. Not anymore. Next Level Automotive has partnered with Hybrid Automotive to breathe new life into your hybrid battery system.

The initial service process:

1) We factory compatible scan tools to check for any hybrid system related codes

2) We perform a test drive to monitor your battery cell voltages to evaluate their current condition (vehicle dependent).

3) Gain access to the hybrid battery, and safely remove it from the vehicle

4) Inspect for visual signs of vehicle water leaks, corrosion on the cables, harnesses, or battery cells

5) Clean or replace the effected components

6) Evaluate the individual cell voltages through electrical testing and determine if there are any bad cells

7) Perform battery cycling to discharge and recharge the battery, replenishing it to factory condition

8) Install battery with auxiliary harness for future battery charging maintenance

With your original hybrid battery fully restored at a fraction of the price of a full replacement and less environmental impact, your vehicle is back on the road, ready to give you plenty more years of enjoyment. Future hybrid battery maintenance services are recommended and can be done without battery removal. We also offer loaner cars to make those hybrid battery maintenance visits more convenient.

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